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Muskegon based KL Outdoor ships 2000 kayaks to assist in Harvey relief efforts

As heavy rains continue to flood Texas and Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a Muskegon based kayak company is helping with rescue efforts. Based in Muskegon, KL Outdoor is the largest manufacturer of kayaks in the world, and on Tuesday, 2000 kayaks were being put on trucks headed for Texas and Louisiana to assist in flooding relief and rescue efforts of so many caught in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

“You know we take a lot of pride in the fact that in this case they will be able to use our products to help people in more of an urgent emergency type of situation so I think that we take a lot of pride in being able to help in that regard and in any way we can,” KL Outdoor CFO Tom Benedict said.

While flooding has left a number of people stranded on rooftops, a number of the kayaks will be used to assist in those rescue efforts. While Walmart bought the kayaks from KL Outdoor, the company is covering the shipping costs. Last Friday, the company announced its world headquarters was relocating to downtown Muskegon.

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