By Leaps and Bounds: Bringing Parents Together

Feb 8, 2021

Great Start Collaborative of Kent County

Parent groups are a great way to connect with other parents. Not only are they a place to learn from other parents, but also learn about resources or opportunities in the community.  Parent groups can also be a safe space to share their experiences and grow their parenting practices. Often parents feel less alone when facing challenges because of the relationships they develop with other parents and the support they find within the group.

The Great Start Parent Coalition of Kent County, working with partners and parents and caregivers of children under twelve, holds events such as Parent Support Stations, Parent Cafes, workshops and speaker events; connects parents to parenting resources via their blog, newsletter, and social media pages; works to provide parents with the tools to advocate for themselves, their families, and their community; and equips parents with leadership skills.

Tomarra Richardson and Nicole Burman, Parent Liaisons for the Great Start Collaborative and Parent Coalition of Kent County are here to discuss. To learn more, visit: , , .