GVSU increases financial aid, tuition and delays FY2021 budget until state finalizes appropriations

Jun 22, 2020

Grand Valley State University arch
Credit gvsu.edu

Grand Valley State University’s Board of Trustees is delaying its 2021 budget awaiting state appropriations clarity. It did approve a boost in student financial aid while also raising tuition.

The coronavirus pandemic shifted the education model at Grand Valley State University from classroom to virtual learning.

When students were impacted, more than 6,000 of them shared $9.1 million in federal CARES Act funds. Grand Valley State University’s Board of Trustees today will continue supporting students approving an additional 13% in financial aid increasing it by $5.6 million.

Trustees also increased tuition 3% for the upcoming school year.

The pandemic creating a loss in state revenue leaves the state’s higher education appropriations in limbo. Until there’s clarity, the board voted to delay approval of the fiscal year 2021 budget until November. It did vote a continuation of the current budget with a 10% spending decrease and employee pay freeze.

Grand Valley will return to the classroom this fall with a mix of virtual learning options promoting social distancing and safety measures.

Addressing the current climate, GVSU President Dr. Philomena Mantella explained, "We can’t guarantee the path of the virus, but we can guarantee that Grand Valley has the ability to mobilize and mount a proper response to returning safely to campus while striving for social justice and economic structures to assure access and continuation of learning.”

I’m Patrick Center.