Decision 2019: Pastor Dan Schutte running for mayor of Grand Rapids

Oct 18, 2019

Credit Cities for Christ

WGVU’s 2019 Election Coverage continues, as we profile all the candidates that are running for public office in Grand Rapids and Muskegon this November. In Grand Rapids, voters will decide between two candidates for Mayor, the incumbent, Rosalynn Bliss, and challenger, Dan Schutte. 

Dan Schutte is a Pastor of two churches in Grand Rapids, Division Street Fellowship, and Butterworth Street Fellowship. A devout Christian, Schutte says there are three reasons he is running for the office of Mayor in the City of Grand Rapids, and they all center around his faith.

“Number one to proclaim the gospel and the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ because he is the only answer to all of our challenges, issues and problems,” Schutte said.

And Second?

“To speak up for those unwanted children, babies, in their mother’s womb, that are destined to be destroyed through what is commonly referred to as abortion,” Schutte said. “If I was mayor, I would do all that I could to stop that terrible genocide in the city.”

And third?

“The third is to make Grand Rapids a sanctuary city for the unborn and their mothers,” he said.

To do that Schutte will have to defeat the incumbent, Rosalynn Bliss, who in 2015, became the first woman ever elected as Mayor of Grand Rapids in the city’s history. The election is November 5th.