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New law strikes down HOA bans on solar panels

Solar panels on rooftop
Wikimedia Commons
Solar panels on rooftop

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Homeowners’ Energy Policy Act Monday. For one Portage resident, it’s a turning point in a nearly four-year-long quest

Rick Freiman of Portage planned to install solar panels on his roof in 2020. His homeowner association stopped him. It said the panels would not fit the neighborhood’s aesthetics. But a new law will stop HOAs from banning solar panels, though it allows some restrictions on their appearance and placement.

Freiman says he reached out to state House and Senate members after his HOA denied his application.

“To think that you can actually talk to your representatives and possibly get a law passed is amazing.”

Freiman says he’ll move forward with his solar project. His HOA did not respond to a request for comment

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