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Deep fake sexual images bills pass House of Representatives

Michigan House of Representatives
wikimedia commons
Michigan House of Representatives

Michigan House lawmakers voted to ban the non-consensual spread of sexual deep fake content

Deep fakes can involve the use of artificial intelligence to develop realistic images, videos, or other content depicting a person.

Democratic Representative Penelope Tsernoglou says the issue has gotten worse over the last five years.

“Victims of these nonconsensual deep fakes have experienced mental distress, financial harms, and even suicide as a direct result.”

Republican Representative Steve Carra says he agrees non-consensual deep fakes are a problem. But he worries about language that wouldn’t allow someone to claim they had verbal consent to spread a deep fake.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate to take away this defense opportunity for somebody who has something accused of them.”

The legislation now heads to the state Senate.

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