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Michigan dams get safety upgrade funds through risk-reduction program

Five Channels Hydroelectric Dam in Glennie, Mi
Consumers Energy
Five Channels Hydroelectric Dam in Glennie, Mi

Nine West Michigan dams are receiving state funding addressing the aging structures

The Dam Risk Reduction Grant Program was created after four dams in mid-Michigan failed in 2020, causing billions of dollars in damages.

Now the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy has announced $14 million in funding to pay for 22 dam projects to reduce risk and protect residents.

Nine of those projects are in West Michigan with work ranging from critical maintenance to complete removal.

In Allegan County, a million dollars will go to the City Dam to replace stop logs in the spillway and extend the life of the dam.

The Department of Natural Resources will study removing the Swan Creek Dam and modifying the Highbanks Dam,

The Trowbridge Dam is considered high-hazard and will be stabilized while dealing with contamination concerns at the site.

In Hopkins, funds pay for maintenance on the Monterey Lake Dam replacing corrugated pipes and stabilizing the embankment.

The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly will remove a dam on Penoyer Creek that is in poor condition.

Battle Creek will remove the Monroe Street Dam.

A study of the Hesperia Dam on the White River will determine how to bring it up to safety code, and White Cloud will also do a feasibility study on the White Cloud Dam

The DNR will remove the Hall Lake Dam in Yankee Springs as its also considered to be a significant hazard.

Michigan’s Dam Safety Unit oversees 1,000 structures with seven full-time engineers.

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