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Top administrator at Calvin enduring threats following former president’s resignation

Interim president Greg Elzinga
Calvin University
Interim president Greg Elzinga

Interim president Greg Elzinga and former president Wiebe Boar both condemn threats of violence against anyone at the university

In a video message interim university president Greg Elzinga says after former president Wiebe Boer filed a lawsuit accusing Calvin of defamation and breach of contract, the school received threats.

“Threats to the physical safety of a member of our own community. This must stop.”

In February just over a year after his inauguration,

“Thank you to all of you for the opportunity.”

Boer resigned when the university confronted him with what they called inappropriate unwelcome messages to a female vendor and threatened him with termination.

In his lawsuit Boer says the university continues to attack his character over what he calls non-sexual friendly communications, he says they still owe him a 400-thousand-dollar severance payment, and alleges staff mistreated his wife, who is a Caribbean American woman of color, because of her race and gender.

“The board of trustees has expressed its disappointment in what it calls numerous misrepresentations.”

Interim president Elzinga and Boer both condemn threats of violence against anyone at the university and say in court is the way to resolve the disagreement.

“Have great respect for the legal system.”

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