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Ottawa County Water Quality Forum will address critical issues

Drinking Water Faucet
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Drinking Water Faucet

Leaders will host a Water Quality Forum next month for anyone interested in learning about critical topics

As the fastest growing county in Michigan, Ottawa has its share of water worries.

“Between building, development, agriculture and just everyday use, it's all about working together to keep Ottawa the best county to live, work, and play in.”

Joe Bush is the Water Resources Commissioner and organized the Water Quality Forum happening next month. One major concern: depletion of residential and commercial water due to the aquifer beneath the county dropping over recent decades.

“Maybe ask those questions when you’re buying a lot in a subdivision – do you have municipal water? If you don’t, what does that look like for a well?”

Other critical issues include pollution, drinking water quality, drain management and groundwater protection.

“We’re so diverse in Ottawa County, we have to make sure there’s enough water for farmers as well because without that we’re in big trouble. Our farmers are a very critical piece to this.”

The forum is April 12 from 9-2:30 at the Administration Building on Fillmore in West Olive. Arrangements are being made to live-stream the event as its nearing capacity. It’s free but people are asked to register online at Registration Form (google.com)

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