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Michigan lawmakers speak out against proposal to list sturgeon as ‘endangered’

Thom Quine
Wikimedia Commons

Lake sturgeon may soon be added to the nation's endangered species list, but some Michigan lawmakers say the proposal is unnecessary and ill-founded

An "endangered" listing would put an end to the state's highly limited sturgeon season.

The sturgeon is considered a threatened species in Michigan - but its population has been recovering over the last couple of decades thanks to conservation efforts.

In a recorded statement, State Representative Cam Cavitt, a Republican from Cheboygan, says sturgeon spearing is important to northern Michigan's cultural heritage, and the listing disregards work done by local and state partners.

"The Michigan model works. Despite our proactive measures, the federal government is determined to impose sweeping regulations that could kill local control..."

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to make a decision on the listing later this year.

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