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Testimony continues today in trial of Oxford school shooter's father

File: James Crumbley listens to testimony March, 2024
Mandi Wright
File: James Crumbley listens to testimony March, 2024

James Crumbley faces involuntary manslaughter charges and a penalty for making threats while in jail

Prosecutors say Crumbley could have stopped the murders if he had taken his son home from school the day of the shooting after he was shown a violent picture the teen drew featuring a gun like the one his father had just bought him.

The prosecution claims the elder Crumbley never locked the gun.

His wife was convicted a month ago on identical charges.

But Crumbley’s defense paints him as a more sympathetic figure and counters that he hid the gun from his son.

Another side of Crumbley came to light during the trial when a judge restricted who he communicates with because he made threats on a jailhouse phone and in an electronic message.

The sanction was delivered while the jury was not present to prevent those incidents from influencing the verdict in the case.

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