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Daylight Savings debate comes to Michigan Senate


As we adjust to the “spring forward” daylight saving schedule that started on Sunday, some Michigan lawmakers are working to put it to an end

A bill introduced in the Michigan Senate would let voters decide in November whether the state should keep observing daylight saving time.

The state has been observing DST since voters chose to during a 1972 referendum.

Republican Senator Thomas Albert is sponsoring the bill to put the question before voters again. He says he doesn’t see a point to daylight saving time.

“No matter your feeling, daylight saving time is an issue that affects every Michigander in some way. After 52 years, it’s time to bring this issue back to a vote to the people of Michigan.”

Albert’s bill faces an uphill battle. It’s been referred to a committee with a reputation for being a “graveyard” where bills go to die.

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