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Right to Life Michigan responds to Vice President's visit

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Right to Life of Michigan released a statement in response to Vice President Kamala Harris’ "Fight for Reproductive Freedoms" campaign stop in Grand Rapids.

The president of Right to Life of Michigan calls Vice President Harris’ Michigan visit an attempt to scare voters into thinking abortion rights are at risk.

Amber Roseboom released a statement calling the visit, “part of a coordinated election year charade to mislead voters with a fantasy that abortion access in Michigan is somehow at risk. The facts are to the contrary. A woman in Michigan can have an abortion for any reason, at any point in her pregnancy. There is absolutely nothing that can be done in our state legislature to change that reality. Also, there is no path forward in Congress to pass any sort of a national ban.”

Roseboom warned it is protections for women, parents and children that are at stake now, after Michigan’s legislature last year removed certain requirements for abortion clinics. She also cited a plan to remove parental consent for minors seeking an abortion.

Roseboom ended the statement by saying “Michigan women are savvy enough to see through the Harris/Whitmer charade.”

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