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Republican lawmakers accuse Whitmer of using yearly address to seek higher office

Michigan State of the State address 2024
AP Photo/Al Goldis
Michigan State of the State address 2024

Michigan Republican lawmakers say Governor Gretchen Whitmer's State of the State address last night was one of the most partisan they’ve ever heard

The Democratic Governor's speech urged the legislature to build upon the agenda enacted by a Democratic majority last year. Whitmer is proposing the state work to cut costs for Michigan families and deliver investments in the state’s infrastructure and education system.

But Republicans say the Governor is more focused on pitching herself for higher office.

And Republican Senate Minority Leader Aric Nesbit says Democratic legislators need to reach across the aisle.

“Right now in the house, it's 54 Republicans, 54 Democrats, perfect time to work in a bipartisan way to move our state forward. And instead, the governor continues to double down on her partisan left wing progressive agenda "

Nesbitt says Republican lawmakers want to collaborate with Democrats on bipartisan solutions to improving the state’s roads and schools.

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