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Kent County prosecutor not charging GRPD officers in a December shooting

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Prosecutors say there’s no basis to charge two GRPD police officers involved in a shooting, but can’t release more details because they are charging the man who was shot

On December 16, 2023, two Grand Rapids police officers were involved in a shooting on Union Avenue near Martha’s Vineyard.

Prosecutors filed charges against Nodin James Chervenka, the man shot in the incident. Chervenka faces one count of felonious assault, and two counts of resisting and opposing a police officer.

Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker says he reviewed the evidence from the Michigan State Police investigation, including officer and witness statements, in-car videos, body-camera videos, photos and forensic reports.

He found no basis to charge either Grand Rapids police officer, and states their actions on that day were justified.

Becker says he is often able to give full accounts and legal basis for his decisions, but he cannot in this case. The Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct prevent him from releasing more information as it is now evidence in the case against Mr. Chervenka. The case will continue through normal court proceedings.

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