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Body and dash cam video released by GRPD of officer-involved shooting

Police Lights Photo
Wikimedia Commons

The Grand Rapids Police Chief says a 19-year-old shot 3 times by officers this weekend is expected to recover. Body and dash cam video released by the department shows the confrontation

When they responded to an assault report police say they found a 19 year old man armed with a box cutter in an alley near Innis avenue. Acting erratically they say. Body cam video appears to show him charging the officers

“You are going to get shot put the stop stop”

Police fire three shots.

“17 to 16 shots fire shots fired I got one suspect down.”

After falling the wounded man can be heard saying “finally.”

He was shot once more after he got up found a hiding place and then jumped out and threatened the officers again . Police Chief Eric Winstrom says the man has wounds to his stomach, chest and wrist, but should survive.

“He did obviously undergo treatment for his multiple gunshot sounds but he is feeling healthy enough that actually he arrived at the hospital he ended up fighting with the hospital staff so im very confident he will make a full recovery.”

The police chief says officers tried to subdue the suspect with a taser dart, but it was not effective.

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