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Local ski area hopes colder days are ahead

Weather conditions have been less than ideal for outdoor winter sports since mid-November.

“It’s definitely not what we wanted.”

Danielle Mustow is the marketing director for Cannonsburg Ski Area in Belding, Michigan. She says that while they spend months preparing for the winter season with the goal of opening in time for the holidays, or even before, this year, Mother Nature had different plans.

“The warmer weather has definitely been disappointing, to say the least.”

Mustow says that while there are a lot of aspects of the business they can control, the one thing they can’t, is the weather.

“So right now it’s just a waiting game which just feels so infuriating because there’s nothing more that we want than to be open and we can’t force Mother Nature to cooperate with us.”

Mustow explains what they need in order to turn things around.

“What we need is for the cold weather to be consistent so that we can just have our snow guns going around the clock, 24 hours. Basically, what we need is we need temperatures in the mid-20s. Our snow crew can start making snow when it’s like 28 degrees, but the lower the temperatures are, the more we can make.”

Mustow says that all of the staff at Cannonsburg are hopeful that the weather will turn around and still lead to a successful season.

“Of course when we do open it will be so great to see everyone out here skiing, snowboarding and then tubing.”

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