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Michigan anti-Trump group cheers Colorado court decision


A group trying to keep former President Donald Trump off the Michigan ballot says a Colorado Supreme Court decision will assist its effort

The Colorado decision says Trump is not eligible to run under the insurrection clause of the U-S Constitution.

Mark Brewer is an attorney with Free Speech for People, which is suing to keep Trump off the Michigan ballot. Brewer says the group added a copy of the Colorado decision to its filing with the Michigan Supreme Court.

“Trump is an insurrectionist and cannot appear on the Colorado ballot. That’s exactly what we want to happen here in Michigan.”

Brewer says his group wants a decision by Monday on Trump’s eligibility to leave time for more appeals and legal actions before Michigan has to finalize its February primary ballot. The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment, though it called the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision “completely flawed.”

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