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Arrests made in crime ring that targeted Ada Twp. homes

Wikimedia Commons

An alleged crime ring stole millions in cash, jewelry and expensive items from high-end homes around the state, including in Ada Township.

There are three arrests in what’s being called ‘a sophisticated, coordinated string of home invasions” targeting high-end areas in Metro Detroit and Kent County’s Ada Township, according to a release by the Michigan Attorney General.

Investigators believe the home invasions are being done by thieves coming from South America, traveling to the U-S specifically to commit these crimes.

They target vacant homes in affluent neighborhoods, using technology to get around alarm systems, and are careful to avoid home security camera systems as well.

Eric Brunner of the Kent County Sheriff's Department says one such group hit two homes in Ada Township in February and tried to rob one in Plainfield Township.

He says they likely watched the houses ahead of time to make sure they were empty, but for victims it’s a significant violation of privacy on top of any loss of items.

“You don’t know the feeling until you become a victim and that’s not lost on us during the course of our investigation. Whether you’re home or not, to have someone violate that by smashing your rear window and ransacking your home, leaving a mess while they look for valuables is a very difficult and scary situation.”

Three Chilean nationals are now charged with felonies related to eight home invasions across Michigan. The FBI identifies them as members of a South American Theft

They are being held in an Indiana jail where they face charges in similar break-ins.

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