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Authorities respond to diesel fuel spill in Lake Michigan

Manitowoc Cargo Vessel
Interlochen Public Radio
Manitowoc Cargo Vessel

Federal, state and local officials are responding to a fuel leak in Lake Michigan after a cargo vessel was breached Wednesday afternoon

The 630-foot-long, Manitowoc vessel is no longer leaking. Responders are still assessing and cleaning up the spill, off the coast of Manistee.

Lieutenant Heather Stemmerman is with the U-S Coast Guard. She says authorities still don’t know how many gallons of diesel spilled into Lake Michigan.

“We’re going with the maximum spill potential of 45,174, but it’s likely to be a lot less of a number than actually discharged than that.”

Stemmerman says the cause of the breach is under investigation, but there’s been no reported impact on beaches or drinking water so far.

Officials are asking the public to report sightings of diesel on shorelines – and to keep their distance from any fuel in the water.

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