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Internet service provider finds new home in Muskegon Heights, while simultaneously launching innovation hub for area youths

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Pure Broadband Michigan founder and CEO says the goal is to mentor inspiring entrepreneurs on the Lakeshore and equip them with both practical tools and wisdom.

A Muskegon based internet company says it is moving its headquarters next door to Muskegon Heights, while simultaneously launching an innovation hub for local youths.

Until recently, the goal of internet service provider Pure Broadband Michigan has been to eliminate the digital divide in rural areas, where access to high-speed internet is often scarce.

Now, however, after moving its headquarters to Muskegon Heights, the company says, its now sharing that same goal in low income areas on the Lakeshore.

According to a press release, the company will now operate out of an 8,500-square-foot, five-suite office plaza near Seaway Drive on Glade Street in the Heights, and beyond offering the area internet service, Pure Broadband Michigan is at the same time launching an innovation hub for area youths in an effort to equip them with entrepreneurial skills, offer business-related classes and provide mentorship to the Lakeshore business owners of tomorrow.  

Branded the "Innovation Seaway" the idea is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Anthony Fisk.  

“Not to get too deep into my history but, I am 37-years-old now, and (I remember) early in high school at the age of 17, being a lost teenager," Fisk said. "So my hope is that I can be that mentor to another struggling teen."

One way Fisk and his team are doing that is through a program called Teens Teach Tech (TTT.)

Through a grant from Connect America, and phone company AT&T, Pure Broadband Michigan employs teenagers to teach adults computer and internet skills.

 “The teens themselves are finding so much reward out of it as well," Fisk said. "Them, being the teachers, the leaders, building confidence; that is all the reward I need.”  

Fisk says, he moved to Muskegon three years ago, and has been inspired to be part of the Heights current revitalization effort.

Officials say that Pure Broadband Michigan is the first company to move to the city in years.