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Rep. Dievendorf introduces ‘homeless bill of rights’ legislation

Representative Emily Dievendorf
Michigan House Democrats
Courtesy Photo
Representative Emily Dievendorf

A Lansing state representative has introduced a bill that would further protect the rights of Michiganders experiencing homelessness

Representative Emily Dievendorf introduced legislation they call a bill of rights for the homeless. Under the proposal, it would be illegal to infringe upon an individual’s rights or access to resources on the basis of their housing status. That would include being able to use public spaces and the right to vote without a permanent address.

Dievendorf says cities across Michigan are seeing growing numbers of unhoused residents. They add the state needs to acknowledge the crisis in order to provide relief to its communities.

“if you have an issue with House lessness if it bothers you and tugs at your consciousness, at your conscience for that matter, then the response is not to push it away and out of sight.”

Dievendorf says the bill is part of a broader package aimed at expanding access to housing in Michigan.

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