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Democrats promise action on gun bills at Detroit forum

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Rick Pluta
Tawanna Rankin lost her daughter in a shooting in Detroit. Rankin spoke at a faith leaders forum to build support for gun bills in the Legislature

Democratic lawmakers and faith leaders held a forum at a Detroit church Monday as part of an effort to build support for gun bills awaiting action by the Legislature

Tawanna Rankin’s daughter was killed in a shooting. Rankin said she’s not sure what the answers are, but something needs to be done.

“Gun violence is never going to be obsolete, but if you start putting heavier sentences to people who murder or use guns illegally maybe that will change the view of someone picking up a gun,” she said.

The Oxford and Michigan State University fatal shootings have created a sense of urgency in the Legislature, House Speaker Joe Tate told the group.

“This is going to get done,” said Tate as the small crowd cheered him on. “This is going to get done.”

Tate said bills to require universal background checks for gun purchases, locking up guns when not in use, and extreme risk protection orders are on the Democrats’ short list.

“But we view these as kind of a foundation,” he said, “as a start to ensure that we are reducing gun violence in the state of Michigan."

Tate said that includes addressing suicides, which are the most common gun deaths in the state. House and Senate committee hearings are already underway with no specific timeline to vote on the bills, but that could happen as soon as this week.

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