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Educators, gun safety advocates call for legislation to end gun violence

Michigan Capitol Building
wikimedia commons
Michigan Capitol Building

A group of educators and advocates are calling for Michigan lawmakers to combat gun violence by passing stricter laws. The push comes on the heels of a mass shooting at Michigan State University

MSU students and activists with the group March for Our Lives stood behind speakers at a Monday press conference in support of gun safety legislation. The conference was intentionally placed between the Capitol building and Board of Education office.

Multiple educators say the legislature needs to pass reforms that would make schools safer, including new gun storage requirements and universal background checks for those purchasing firearms.

Pamela Pugh is the president of the Michigan Board of Education. She thanked Democratic officials for supporting gun safety laws but called on Republicans to back the measures.

“We are not asking. We are demanding that policy be made to protect our children.”

MSU student advocates also organized a sit-down protest outside the Capitol Monday to push for the legislation.

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