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State Legislature faces Feb. 1 deadline to approve primary change

Michigan Capitol Building
wikimedia commons
Michigan Capitol Building

Michigan Democrats face a looming deadline to ensure the party’s next presidential primary is among the first held in the nation

A Democratic National Committee panel recently agreed to move Michigan’s 2024 primary to the end of February.

That would make it one of a handful at the start of the next presidential primary season which Michigan Democrats argue gives the state a much greater say in who becomes the eventual nominee.

The state legislature has to approve the move, and national Democrats say Michigan must make the change by this February 1st.

But Democrats need some Michigan Republican legislators to agree in order to meet that deadline since the change would also push the state’s GOP primary to an earlier date, risking a backlash from their national party.

Michigan Democrats could also request an extension of the deadline, something several other states in similar circumstances have already done.

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