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Supreme Court clerk resigns after reported criticism from justice

Michigan Supreme Court Bench
Courtesy Photo
Michigan Supreme Court Bench

A clerk at the Michigan Supreme Court is resigning after facing backlash for a nearly 30-year-old crime

The crime involved shooting at police during a robbery in the mid-1990s.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein says that should disqualify anyone from working with the court given the amount of work that involves law enforcement.

“We can try to turn this into this whole story about redemption and this kind of thing. But at the end of the day what it really comes down to is was this an appropriate fit for this specific job dealing with the issues that the court has to deal with, dealing with the people the court has to deal with?”

Justice Kyra Harris Bolden reportedly hired the clerk to serve on her staff after receiving recommendations from a past chief justice.

She says he resigned to avoid causing a distraction from the court’s work.

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