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MDOC appears before Senate Oversight amid audit follow up

Women's Huron Valley West
State of Michigan - michigan.gov/corrections
Women's Huron Valley West

State officials testified before lawmakers Tuesday about recent a report that found persisting issues with searches at Michigan’s only women’s prison

The state auditor general first noted the problems at the Michigan Department of Corrections in a 2017 report.

Republican Ed McBroom chairs the state Senate Oversight Committee.

“The Department wants to point out, ‘Well we have dramatically improved.’ And I certainly want to give that credit. At the same point, it’s frustrating to not be able to close the door and say, ‘We’ve made it.’”

Corrections Department legislative liaison Kyle Kaminski says the department has been proactive about finding its own flaws.

“We use those security monitoring exercises, we use, you know, kind of our internal auditing in terms of going back to look at things. And that’s happening statewide.”

Kaminski says the agency agrees with the report.

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