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Palisades Nuclear Plant application for federal funding denied

A southwest Michigan nuclear facility will remain closed despite a last-ditch effort to secure federal funding to re-open it.

The company “Holtec International” bought the Palisades Nuclear Plant earlier this year to decommission it.

With the backing of state officials, it applied for a federal “Civil Nuclear Credit” to help bring it back online.

Now that the effort failed, Holtec spokesperson Patrick O’Brien says the company is open to working with the state on other possibilities for nuclear energy.

“The Palisades decommissioning timeline is a 19 year timeline so there’s some time to work through anything legislatively and really decide the best use of the property long-term once we get that site cleaned up.”

No nuclear plant has ever successfully reopened after shutting down.

State officials say long-term plans for energy capacity accounted for the Palisades closure.

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