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Groups prepare for poll challengers on election day

Frederic J. Brown
AFP/Getty Images

Groups in favor of expanding voting rights in Michigan are preparing for potential clashes with poll watchers on election day.

Khalilah Spencer is president of the group “Promote the Vote.” She says election workers can remove challengers who become a nuisance.

They’re accusing another organization of sending watchers to precincts to challenge some voters’ eligibility based on faulty data.

"There maybe intentions to ... interfere with voting but just know that there are going to be volunteers to counteract that measure so that the election officials and clerks can work without interference make sure that the polls and the voting goes on without interference," said Spencer.

The group “Election Integrity Force” says it’s gotten poll watchers approved for most precincts in the state.

It says it’s training those volunteers to avoid conflict.

And election officials say they'll eject anyone who doesn't follow the rules.

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