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Michigan election officials outline certification procedures ahead of midterms

Hilary Farrell
WGVU photo

Michigan officials are explaining how election certification and challenges work ahead of next month’s midterms.

In Michigan, county canvassing boards go through their precinct results before passing them off to the state for tallying.

The Board of State Canvassers then looks at everyone else’s work and gives final certification.

Chair Tony Daunt says people should have faith that the results have already gone through multiple checks before they get to his board.

“This is results coming to us for us to finish the certification so that our results are final. And if there are questions from either side from parties involved in the elections, they have remedies for that. They have the ability to request a recount, they have ability to take their claims to court.”

In 2020, officials faced pressure to not certify the election from those seeking to overturn the results.

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