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Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon goes on the offensive in latest campaign rally

Gov. Whitmer still leads in polls, but the number is shrinking says website

With the midterm election just over a week away, gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon held a rally Monday in Grand Rapids.

In what her campaign is calling a “bus tour throughout the state,” Republican and Challenger Tudor Dixon joined other GOP candidates Monday, promising a Red Wave at the polls on November 8th.

Speaking inside Blues Gym in Grand Rapids, a training complex for boxing on the city’s southeast side, Dixon spent the majority of her speech taking shots at her opponent, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“What she is doing is criminal,” Dixon said. “And she needs to be fired from her job.”

Dixon says momentum is shifting her way with eight days left to go before the election.

According to website FiveThirtyEight.Com, statistical analysis of seven different pollsters found that Governor Whitmer’s lead over Dixon, in the double digits just a few weeks ago, has shrunk to 5.5 as of October 31st.

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