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Supreme Court candidates discuss access, judicial restraint during forum

Michigan Supreme Court Bench
Courtesy Photo
Michigan Supreme Court Bench

Candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court argued for impartiality and increased access to the legal system during a forum this week

Justice Richard Bernstein is running for re-election. During the League of Women Voters-hosted forum, he said it’s vital for people to have a voice in the legal process.

“When someone is treated inappropriately or abused, they should have that ability to have access to legal representation that the court system is open and available to them.”

Incumbent Justice Brian Zahra agreed with Bernstein while also pushing for judges to be unbiased.

“There is an injustice that results when judges leave their lane, when judges leave their authority, when judges say more than what the law is.”

Other candidates include state Representative Kyra Harris Bolden…and attorneys Paul Hudson and Kerry Lee Morgan.

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