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Kent GOP launches ‘Parents Against Whitmer Coalition’

Governor Gretchen Whitmer photo
Associated Press

Group still frustrated over Governor’s mask in school requirement

In an effort to hurt Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s chances of winning re-election in November, leaders from the Kent County Republican Party launched a new campaign Wednesday that centers around disgruntled parents.

The group calls itself “Parents Against Whitmer Coalition” and on Wednesday morning, parents gathered at the Kent GOP’s headquarters in Grand Rapids for its first meeting.

Officials say, the biggest issue parents have with Gov. Whitmer continues to be the mask policy implemented during the pandemic that required student’s wear face coverings while in a school setting, while the cost of gas and critical race theory being taught in public schools were also issues mentioned.

Meshawn Maddock is the Michigan Republican Party CO-Chair.

“These parents are really frustrated, and the one feeling I can tell you they have is that they are scared.,” Maddock said. “People are scared out there, and I feel that Republicans have the solution. If we vote out Whitmer, and we put in sensible leadership, that will give real relief to Michigan families.”

The meeting Wednesday morning was closed to the press, however emails to the Kent GOP revealed that seven parents were in attendance. Officials say that number will grow.

WGVU also reached out to the Kent County Democratic Party for a response, phone calls were not returned.

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