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Grand Rapids City officials address media after shooting

Authorities confirm officer involved shooting left motorist dead, urges calm during investigation

Authorities said Monday a Grand Rapids Police Officer shot and killed a man during a traffic stop.

The shooting happened around 8 a.m. in the morning on the city’s southeast side near Griggs Street and Nelson Avenue. According to the Grand Rapids Police Department, the officer had pulled the car over for a license plate violation, when a 26-year-old driver of the vehicle exited the car and began to engage in a physical altercation with the law enforcement officer…

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom spoke during a press conference Monday afternoon that included City Manager Mark Washington, Mayor Rosalynn Bliss and a representative from the Office of Oversight and Public Accountability.

“You know, preliminary, on scene, there were some individuals that did witness this, and they said that the officer and this individual were involved in a fight,” Winstrom said. “But until we get the statement from the officer and until we get that body worn camera, we won’t know.”

Winstrom says the body worn camera fell off at some point during the struggle and its unclear so far what it captured. Police did not say if the officer intentionally fired his weapon, if it accidently went off, or if there was a fight for it.

Authorities confirmed Monday afternoon that the police officer is Caucasian and the deceased African-American. Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss pleaded with the community Monday afternoon to remain calm while investigators gather information.

"This is a tragic day for our city," Bliss said. "But I ask everyone in the community to let investigators do their job before reaching a conclusion," she said.

Chief Windstrom said that the GRPD would release the body cam footage soon, but owed it to the victim’s family for them to see it first.

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