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Supreme Court hears arguments in LGBTQ case

Michigan Supreme Court building photo
Subterranean via Wikimedia | CC BY 3.0
Michigan Supreme Court building

The Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday on whether the state’s civil rights law includes LGBTQ protections.

Attorney General Dana Nessel argued the Michigan Civil Rights Commission’s position that the word “sex” in the law extends to protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Nessel said afterward that specific result may have been unforeseen when the law was adopted in 1976, but said the law is meant to provide sweeping anti-discrimination protections.

Ac1 “The thing is there’s a difference between un-anticipated consequences and, you know, un-expected consequences.”

Two business owners argue they can refuse to serve LGBTQ customers because the Legislature never voted to enact specific LGBTQ protections.

A decision is expected before the court’s term wraps up at the end of July.

I’m Rick Pluta