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GVSU Alum Inspires & Encourages; Gets American Greetings Card Deal In Target

pics of cards at Target store

A woman recently featured on our Powerful Women Podcasts, has accomplished a huge, new milestone.

WGVU talks with GVSU grad Shannon Cohen, “Author of Tough Skin, Soft Heart” who’s encouraging message can now be found on greeting cards in Target.  A nice way to wrap up Black History Month.

“I always tell people that at the end of the day, our mission is to curate products, spaces and experiences that nourish the human soul; with everything we do that’s that core thread that runs through the midst of it all.”

That’s Shannon Cohen, Founder-CEO of Shannon Cohen Inc., is the author of “Tough Skin, Soft Heart”- a leadership book about growing stronger and better.  Not only is she an author, but Cohen is also an inspirational speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur.  Her positive vibe is evident through conversation and now that same positivity is leaving it’s mark in about 17-hundred Target stores throughout the country.  Through a partnership with American Greetings, Cohen’s inspiration is now available beyond the web.

“Just that ease of access, so that when people are shopping for lipstick, Listerine and Lysol and Lunchables, that they can now pick up their favorite cards from us, is a dream come true.”

While people can easily see her cards on the end cap at Target, Cohen says getting a deal with American Greetings and then into Target was more than just wishing… it’s a lot of hard work.

“I’ve been sharing with folks, that while we are excited about this milestone opportunity, the magic has been in what we’ve been doing day in and day out.  Those small daily acts of courage, excellence, integrity and consistency, that we’ve been doing every day for the last five years.  The magic of what got us to that moment, is in that season of obscurity.”

Cohen says her cards are meant to encourage, especially during these times of COVID…

“That’s what I call the 2020, the year that changed everything… so many of us have been in a space of just walking wounded or just our wells being low. So, this first generation of cards and this particular campaign, spark joy, and spark hope.”

Cohen says you only see part of her designs with American Greetings in Target—she has more than 60 on her website, plus a podcast among other things that you can find on her website, at ShannonCohen.com

Jennifer is an award winning broadcast news journalist with more than two decades of professional television news experience including the nation's fifth largest news market. She's worked as both news reporter and news anchor for television and radio in markets from Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo all the way to San Francisco, California.