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Whitmer asks GOP to find “common ground” in 3rd State of the State speech

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer State of the State Address, January 27, 2021 photo
Office of the Governor
Associated Press

Governor Gretchen Whitmer made a peace offering to Republicans in her 3rd State of the State address Wednesday evening. That’s as Republicans have ramped up their resistance to her COVID-19 restrictions.

The speech was delivered from the quiet of Whitmer’s Capitol office instead of before a live audience.

The governor tried to quell opposition to her orders that closed schools and restricted gatherings and business activities. Whitmer defended her actions, but also looked to the year ahead.

“And I’ll continue to reach out to Republicans here in Lansing. While common ground seems less and less common these days, it’s never been more important that we work toward it.”

GOP leaders will deliver their formal response later today. But the GOP-led Senate has starting rejecting Whitmer appointments and some Republican lawmakers have threatened to use their budget power to rein in the governor’s COVID plans.

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