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Ottawa County says COVID vaccinations could begin by Wednesday


With the COVID-19 vaccine on its way, Ottawa County Health leaders say the first doses could be administered as early as Wednesday. What many health officials are calling a ‘historic day’ the now FDA approved Pfizer vaccine is on its way to cities across America, while local health departments in West Michigan say there is finally a feeling of hope in the air that we may have turned a corner in regards to the pandemic.

So the vaccine will be here shortly in West Michigan?

“Yes, we are anticipating the allocation of vaccines this week, hopefully by mid-week, and we are going to start with the EMS that we have here in Ottawa County,” Wieghmink said. “Hospitals will do their workers as well, depending on supply, and we are also expecting weekly supplies after this week,” she said.

Health officials say it may be March or April until the vaccine becomes available to the general public and despite the promising news of a vaccine on the way, the pandemic is still far from over, and therefore are pleading with residents to remain vigilant about practicing social distancing and wearing a mask in public.

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