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Decision 2019: 2 candidates running for city commission in Muskegon's 2nd ward

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WGVU’s 2019 Election Coverage continues, as we profile all the candidates seeking public office in the cities of Muskegon and Grand Rapids. In the race for city commissioner, two candidates are running to represent Muskegon’s 2nd Ward.

Those two candidates would be challenger Jeanette Burt-Moore, and the incumbent, Willie German Jr.

Burt-Moore is a lifelong resident of Muskegon, a member of the city’s downtown development authority, and has been a school bus driver for Muskegon Public Schools for six years. She says, her decision to run comes from her love of the town that she grew up in.


“I grew up here all my life, and I want to bring us all together, and focus on everybody,” Burt-Moore said. “Build up those empty buildings, and bring people back together. And as far as Muskegon Heights, if we start working together, we can bring that too.”

Meanwhile, incumbent Willie German Jr. is also a lifelong Muskegon resident, and has been a city commissioner for eight years. In addition, German has served on the Foster Care Review Board of the Michigan Supreme Court, the Child Abuse Council, and served as vice-chair of the Muskegon Equal Employment Opportunity Board. I asked him why he feels he’s earned another term.


“Well the reason why I have earned that term, and why I am asking voters to support me again for the third term, is because I have been loyal to the city of Muskegon,” German Jr. said. “I was born and raised here, I continue to work on the behalf of the citizens and my constituents for the best interests of Muskegon; to make sure Muskegon thrives and continues to move in the right direction.”

The vote is set for Tuesday, November 5th.

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