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A Glimpse of Africa makes its debut in Grand Rapids

A glimpse of Africa festival

When Fridah Kahnini first arrived in Grand Rapids nearly fifteen years ago she says there were very few space featuring African businesses and talent.

“There are many, many people here from the continent of Africa but they are mostly not having that platform to showcase what they are doing here, to show their talents.”

Kahnini who is originally from Kenya, says she wasn’t going to wait for a platform for her or others like her, but she was going to create her own.

“Why travel to Detroit, or Boston, or Texas to find a glimpse of Africa, to find something about the African culture, when we could just create it right here. So, our city is growing, its becoming diverse in Grand Rapids, and why not welcome other cultures here and showcase that?”

A Glimpse of Africa is a one-day free event showcasing food, fashion, music, dance and art created by local people with roots in the continent of Africa. 

“One of the big things I am hoping is that we can expose a lot of the beautiful talents that exist within the African community.”  

The event will take place  on Saturday August 10 in Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids.

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News.