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Mel Trotter Ministries opens new housing facilities

Courtesy: Mel Trotter Ministries

Mel Trotter Ministries recently announced the opening of two affordable housing units for men who are transitioning from the Mel Trotter Shelter into supportive housing.

“Our mission is to help individuals out of homelessness. We do this one life at a time.”

Adrienne Goodstall, is the Vice President of Programs at Mel Trotter Ministries.   Mel Trotter recently partnered with ICCF to open two affordable housing units for men who are transitioning from the shelter at Mel Trotter into “supportive housing.”

The ultimate goal is to get them into safe and stable housing and whatever path that looks like. This is another arm of what our ministry is.”

Goodstall says the partnership is a good fit.

“We were blessed to be able to partner with ICCF, they do work with housing developments. It was a natural fit, for us to bring our core competency with case management and for them to provide beautiful homes that we could provide to the tenants at a really affordable price.”

Goodstall says this works well because with the current affordable housing shortage, this opens the door to independence for former residents at Mel Trotter.

“So, ICCF owns a bunch of homes in Kent County.  Mel trotter will lease from ICCF. And we will sublease to those completing program (graduates).  Low affordable housing; $350 for rent. And they split utilities.

Goodstall says the me will learn life lessons and skills.  They’ll meet with advocates.  They learn to budget and save monety, with the eventual goal of complete independent living, now having all the tools they need to be successful.

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