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Mel Trotter Ministries Kicks-Off: "Code Blue" Winter Drive

Picture of Mel Trotter's blue barrel
Mel Trotter Ministries

While we’re not officially in the “winter” season, temperatures have taken a bit of a dip.  And with severely cold weather around the corner, Mel Trotter Ministries is starting now to collect warm accessories for the homeless.

“When temperatures dip below freezing, we really make sure we’re extending extra grace and support to our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness.”

That’s Abbey Sladick, VP of Communications for Mel Trotter Ministries.  She says they have new program this year called “Code Blue.”  Code Blue being the term used when freezing temps threaten the lives of the homeless.

“And what Code Blue means to us is, that we want to create a drive where community members can participate and collect winter items. So, clothing, coats, long underwear, waterproof boots, things to make sure they’re protected from the elements this winter.”

Sladick says they’re trying to get a jump on the frigid, winter months ahead.  They’d like to have a stock pile of the needed items.

“To make sure that no one on the streets have to face the dangerous temperatures, hypothermia, even some at risk of death during those times.”

Sladick adds that people in crisis often cannot focus on other aspects of their lives when things like basic shelter and warmth are missing.

“And when people are in crisis and they don’t have basic needs, like you and I take for granted, they’re not able to think about getting a job, or housing, and so things like, meals, shelter, clothing for the winter; those are things we can help people meet and then they can think about moving forward.”

You can look for the Code Blue Barrels outside of Mel Trotter Ministries on Commerce and at numerous partners throughout the city.  The drive runs until

December 31st.

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