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Lawsuits filed against Wolverine Worldwide, and more are on the way


While the company is working with public health officials on a solution, six lawsuits have been filed against Wolverine Worldwide in response to the shoemaker both legally and potentially illegally dumping toxic waste back in the 1960’s that has over time seeped into a number of private wells in the Belmont and Rockford area.

And that may just be the beginning. Varnum Law attorney Aaron Phelps says he represents over 100 residents who have already attached their names to a pending class action lawsuit. 

“Our client list grows as more people realize they are effected and want to do something about i,” Phelps said. Having extensive environmental litigation experience, Phelps says Wolverine Worldwide’s actions rank as one of the more environmentally reckless he’s seen in his career.

“This one is pretty bad. The test results that keep coming up keep showing that the plume goes farther and farther, we don’t know the full extent of it but it clearly effects hundreds of people," he said.

The Department of Environmental Quality at a public town hall in Rockford announced that a number of wells tested may contain toxic per and poly floral alkyl substances known as PFAS, but fall below 70 parts per trillion, meaning, while there may be toxins in the water, it’s still safe to drink.

However, out of over 600 homes tested, 30 registered at unsafe levels. WGVU reached out to Wolverine Worldwide. 

A company representative said they do not comment on pending litigation.

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