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Silent Observer Seeks Your Help Locating Suspects

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Wikimedia | Matty Ring | CC BY 2.0

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month where people all across the country are asked to focus on preventing and ending domestic violence in their communities. To that end, Silent Observer is releasing their “Love Does Not Hit” poster highlighting people with Domestic Violence warrants

“October is domestic violence month and Silent Observer, put out our domestic violence poster once again to bring domestic violence to the forefront.”

Chris Cameron is Silent Observer’s Executive Director.  She says the poster and this month brings to life the plight of the victim.

“The fear that they face, the tentativeness that they face. Living everyday Knowing every day that their abuser is still out there. So, if they haven’t been picked up on their warrant, I really believe that the victim cannot rest.”

She says with the arrest comes closure and that’s important and helpful to victims of crime… She also notes that those that are pictured in the poster are innocent until proven guilty, adding the legal process can also be a helpful tool.

“Due process helps any victim of crime. Knowing their perpetrator is standing before a judge and answering to the charges is so helpful and it brings closure to the victim.”

Chris says the poster program has been around for a couple of years now and has been a successful tool in helping get abusers off the streets.

“Silent Observer started making these posters in 2015 and in both 2015 and 16, all but three people have been arrested on their charges.”

Since the posters came out last Thursday, they’ve already received 37 tips on different suspects.  She says there are three ways you can make a report.  You can call 774-2345, go online to silentobserver.org or use their new mobile app.

Silent Observer will pay a reward up to 500 dollars for information leading to the arrest of the listed suspects.

The Silent Observer “love does not hit” posters can be found online at silent observer.org and on their facebook page.