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Grand Rapids police to review procedures of youth treatment after video goes viral (video)


Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss released a statement outlining a plan to review police procedures after body cameras recorded officers detaining five black boys at gunpoint before releasing them without charges. Bliss' office said in the statement that the review will include how officers respond to "incidents involving youth."

The video was recorded March 24 and obtained  through a Freedom of Information request by a local tv station. The video has since gone viral and appeared on multiple national news websites. It shows at least one officer pointing his gun at the boys. The boys -- ages 12 through 14 -- were heading home after playing basketball. Police had heard reports of a boy carrying a firearm after responding to a large fight of around 50 youths. After searching the area, police matched the description of the suspect to one of the five boys, and they were ordered to the ground where they lay face-down, however, no weapons were found.

One boy on the video can be heard crying loudly and saying that he didn't want to die.


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