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Hundreds protest immigration ban at Grand Rapids airport

As protests against President Trump’s immigration ban sprung up across America’s airports this weekend, a large crowd assembled at the Gerald R. Ford airport in Grand Rapids Sunday. 

Hundreds of people lined the streets at the entrance of the Gerald R. Ford airport in Grand Rapids to protest the immigration ban President Trump signed on Friday. Some cars honked their horns in support as they drove by the demonstation, which was organized by Michigan's Third Democratic Congressional District.

“We are here because we will continue to resist the hate and the policies of Donald Trump," said party chair Traci Kornak.  "We believe that love not hate is what our country is made of, our country is built with immigrants, 98% of us are immigrants to the United States--that is what makes America great.”

In response to President Trump’s ban, protests were scheduled in cities across the country on Sunday. Trump's executive order bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days including war torn Syria.

“I’m of Syrian decent, and I am here to protect the right of Syrians, Middle Easterners, all American’s and citizens across the world, this is just not fair.”

That is Jasmin Yasser--she says she stands with other peaceful Syrian’s who are tired of having to defend their faith because of Islamic extremists.   

“I am very tired of it…I am here at this protest just to show them that we are not afraid and we are not leaving, and we are going to stand strong with everybody else that is fighting for us, I was so happy to see all the protests in all the airports across America and the lawyers standing up for us, it was amazing.”

Airport officials said the protestors did not block anyone from entering or leaving the airport nor did they impede airport operations. 

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