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Grand Rapids Police Officer who let drunk driving prosecutor off the hook won't lose job

Police car bar lights photo
Edward Kimmel via Flickr | CC BY 2.0


The Grand Rapids Police Department announced Friday that they have reached an agreement with the Grand Rapids Police Officers Association on behalf of Police Officer Adam Ickes. Ickes was one of three officers who were reprimanded for not arresting Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Josh Kuiper for drunk driving. Officials say Kuiper was driving the wrong way on Union Avenue and hit a parked car and injuring a victim in the process. Instead of booking Kuiper for drunk driving and vehicular assault, Police gave Kuiper a ticket and drove him home.  

Officer Ickes has accepted a 30-day suspension without pay.  He has also acknowledged and accepted responsibility for his role during this event.

Termination hearings for Sergeant Thomas Warwick and Lieutenant Matthew Janiskee are pending and scheduled in the coming weeks.

City Manager Greg Sundstrom, who advised the Mayor and City Commission this morning of his administrative decision, said Ickes’ disciplinary agreement was made swiftly with strong resolve for the benefit of the City of Grand Rapids, the Grand Rapids Police Department and the community.

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