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U.S. Representative Huizenga wins another term

U.S. Representative Bill Huizenga was re-elected in Michigan’s 2nd District Tuesday, easily beating Democratic Party nominee Dennis Murphy by over 30% of the vote. The win gave Huizenga his third term in the House of Representatives. 

At the GOP watch party in downtown Grand Rapids, Bill Huizenga spoke to WGVU about the direction he would like to see the House of Representatives take during his next term.

“You know the economy and jobs still has to be our number one priority, and it is creating an atmosphere for success," Huizenga said. "The House Republicans have put together a plan, it’s called ‘A Better Way,’ and that is really the template the blueprint for us to move forward with an agenda."

Huizenga, who has publicly disapproved of some of Donald Trump’s comments and actions in the past, said Tuesday that Trump’s message ultimately resonated with Michigan voters.

“I think that...one of the things that Donald Trump was getting at, when he was talking to those disaffected middle income family members and hard working men and women who are saying, ‘look we feel like we have been ignored, we feel like we have been used, and when you told us that we were going to have lower health care costs and it didn’t happen, we feel abandoned, and he is speaking for those folks,“ Huizenga said.