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Lawmakers call for more penalties for courtroom assaults

Handcuffs photo
U.S. Air Force | Public Domain via Wikimedia

Some state lawmakers are calling for new laws to punish people who attack lawyers, judges, and other court personnel during judicial proceedings.

There was an attack recently in a Lansing courtroom on a prosecutor.

A felon about to be sentenced lunged at the prosecutor wielding a shiv smuggled inside his sleeve. The attack was thwarted by police officers in the courtroom.

State Senator Curtis Hertel says attacking a court officer should be its own crime.

“When we have a space where justice is done, we need to make sure the people in that room are protected,” he says.

The assailant already faces a heavy punishment.

Charges of terrorism, assault with intent to commit murder, and weapons offenses could keep him in prison for the rest of his life if he’s convicted. 

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