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Michigan budget increases per-pupil funding

Michigan schools will see funding increases ranging from $60 to 120 per student next year and continue administering the new M-STEP state standardized test.

A school aid budget approved Tuesday by a legislative conference committee increases the minimum per-pupil funding level to $7,511 and the basic per-pupil funding to $8,229 in the fiscal year starting in October.

Overall spending will rise 1.9 percent.

The House has dropped attempts to replace the state's new standardized test, known as the M-STEP, and to end a required assessment of 11th-graders that includes the SAT.

There is $5 million to cover costs associated with the state taking over schools in the bottom 5 percent on student performance, including the hiring of CEOs to handle academics over the objections of Democrats.

The State School Reform/Redesign Office is being more aggressive since Gov. Rick Snyder moved it to a department over which he has control.

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